My name is Bertie Elfkins. I am am Elf to Santa himself. I am one of Santa's oldest and most treasured Elf's. Many years before you were born, on December 25th 1869 I was born. I was the 1st son to Marvin and Glitter Elfkins. They adored me very much, little did they know about how famous I would become.

When Marvin and Glitter decided to go back to making toys I had to go to the nursery where I spent the first few years of my life being carefully watched by Mrs Claus. Myself and all of the other baby Elves played with each other and the toys that the senior Elves had made ready to be loaded onto Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. As the years went on and I got older I began to explore the workshop and the area around the North Pole.

By the time I was 15 years old I had made friends with all of Santa's reindeer. I wasn't old enough to work in the workshop and should have been at the North Pole high school but preferred to spend my time in the stable and barn with my reindeer friends – talking and playing games with them. This happened for a number of years.

After a few years I was asked to go and visit Santa. I was worried that I had done something wrong and was in a lot of trouble. I didn't want to go and see Santa encase I was told I couldn't go and see my reindeer friends anymore. I did what all cheeky Elves would have done; climbed up high into the hayrack of the barn and hid. Things seemed to slip my mind, I lived in the North Pole with Santa, who was more magical in fact than all of us Elves put together. Later in the day Santa sent a message to me, it read: "Bertie, you are a smart young Elf but not as smart or as magical as me. I know you are hiding high up in the hayrack in the barn. If you won't come to me I shall come to you. Santa"

I was shocked and felt very silly. I said to myself or any passing reindeer that may be listening "why didn't I realise that Santa would know where I was hiding?" Instead of silence like I expected there was a quiet reply "because he is Santa and he knows where each and every one of us are at all times". I looked down, but couldn't see anything or anyone, then amongst the straw I saw a bright red nose. It was attached to a baby reindeer. I jumped down from my hiding place and went to the reindeer. "Hi, I'm Bertie, I'm an Elf, who are you?" The reindeer replied "I'm Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer". A firm friendship was made between me and Rudolph.

Whilst I was sat on the straw talking to Rudolph I heard loud footsteps. It was Santa. "Bertie Elfkins" came the booming voice, "I know you are still hiding in the straw, come out at once. You are not in trouble." said Santa. I crept quietly out of the straw and sat on the ground in front of Santa. "As you wont go to school and do your toy making exams, I want you to be a visiting Elf!" said Santa. "This involves you going to stay with a family for the month of December. You will need to make notes of what goes on, what the children do, if they are good or bad. Don't leave any mess but leave no room unvisited. Do you think you can mange this?" "y y y yes Santa, I'm sure I can. What about my friends Rudolph and Jingle?" I asked. "Jingle will stay here and finish his exams in toy making and Rudolph will be leading my sleigh on Christmas Eve. We will pick you up when we drop off the children's toys." Santa replied. "Come along Bertie we have a lot to sort out like your passport and journal and we have to send you on your way, December 1st is in 3days time!" So I went off with Santa and became a visiting elf. I have my own passport that goes with me on my travels, only visiting Elves are allowed passports. Just like when you go on holiday, my passport gets stamped at the airport.

So far I haven't lost my passport, but if I do I have to spend the next Christmas in the workshop as payment for the new one. I have been to lots of families around the world – I went to Canada in 2001 where it was very cold and snowy but just like home. I've been to the USA, Dublin Ireland where we drank lots of guiness and got told off, and Denmark. Christmas 2005 was spent on a beach in Australia, in 2006 I was in Germany and have been to the UK. I stayed at Santa's workshop in 2007 as I had been very bad. Sadly I have left all of my photos in my house at the North Pole.

I have built toys, loaded the sleigh, looked after the reindeer and done various other jobs around the North Pole, but I mainly do work in the passport office.