My name is Jingle-Jangle Snowtoes. I was born an Elf and like my family and friends we are all magical Elves to Santa. I was born at the North Pole on December 28th 1879.

I am the only son out of the 14 children, my mother (Sparkle-Belle) and father (Jingle-Snow) had. I have 6 older sisters - Sparkles, Bella, Snowy-Jo, Berry-Bright, and Twinkle and Tinsel (the terrible twins). My younger sisters are Jessie, Holly, Glitter, Angel, Charlie, Mistletoe and Nancy. It sure was hard for me and my father with all these females!!!

As I grew up I made lots of friends at the North Pole, some through my sisters, some through the nursery and some at school. Although he was 10years older than me, Bertie Elfkins and myself became really good friends and got upto lots of mischief together.

I was sad when he became a visiting Elf at 18, as I thought it meant we would hardly ever see each other but this wasnt the case. Bertie was only gone for about 4-6weeks a year. When Bertie returned to the North Pole, his adventures and stories were great to hear. I wanted to become a visiting Elf as well but Santa said I had to stay and finish my toy making exams first.

in 1956 I started making toys properly, this is my main job outside of visiting over Christmas. I also help out with the sewing of stockings. Before all this I attended courses in tree decorating, care of reindeer, child care, sewing stockings, sleigh driving, baking (more like burning!) and many others.

I have been a visiting Elf since the mid 1980's, I have been to many families around the world and have filled my passport with lots of stamps (Santa keeps all the full passports under lock and key).

I love being an Elf!