Hi everyone, my name is Merry Sugarsocks; I am a magical Elf to Santa himself. You can't just become an Elf, you have to be born one, and luckily for me I was! I was born on December 31st 1935. I grew up at the North Pole and went to the North Pole high school where I made lots of friends.

I am the only child of Mistletoe (Missy) and Alfie Sugarsocks. My mother works in the Elf kitchen, she is a great cook, I wish some of her skills had passed onto me. My father is a supervisor in the wood work factory and has worked very hard to get there.

At school I specialised in tree decorating, arts & crafts, toy making and child care. I have spent a few years helping Mrs Claus in the nursery with the baby Elves, they are sooooooo cute!

My best friend Snowflake became a visiting Elf in 2007 and loves it. She suggested that I trained in all the other subjects in the hope of becoming a visiting Elf.

In 2010 Santa asked if I would like to become a visiting Elf-in-training as a thank-you for all my hard work. I was very hapy to be asked as not all Elves get the chance. Santa said I would be placed with a senior visiting Elf so I could learn everything. I was placed with Bertie Elfkins, he is really old and has been a visitin Elf since he was 18years old! He knwos everything and I think this is why I was put with him.

Apart from being with the baby Elves and visiting I LOVE pink and all things girly!!! x