OUR elf friends

Elves can appear in all shapes and forms – not just your “typical Elf” with pointy ears wearing red/green.  One of our friends tried to do some magic (he had been told NOT to do).  It went wrong and he is now a small grey mouse for the rest of his life.  Another friend can change his shape, he learnt to do this at school and sometimes turns up as a reindeer, a penguin, a bear or dog.  And it is not unheard of in the North Pole for the girls to go out dressed as fairies.  So don’t worry if you don’t get a red/green Elf with pointy ears.

We would like to introduce you to some of our friends:-

RUDOLPH is our reindeer friend. This photo shows him playing with the turtles at our families house.


EMILY, ELLA and EMMA all started out as trainee elves in 2009, this year they are going as visting elves on their own.


JJ,CHARLIE & FLE are three brothers, they vist with a family in Virginia, USA


JUJUBES is also a visting elf, he goes to a family in Quebec, Canada


SKEETER, ELVIN and TRIXIE are visiting elves, they go and stay with a family in Minnesota, USA.


HANNAH, LEXI and ABBY are visiting elves, they stay with a family in Florence, South Carolina, USA. they are really lucky as they get to go and other times of the year as well as Chirstmas.


CANDY-KISSES goes to a famly in the south of the UK.