If you would like to contact any of us at any time of the year, you can reach us via the following email address:

Bertie Elfkins

Jingle Jangle

Merry Sugarsocks

Snowflake Glitter-Kisses

or on facebook at -

Bertie Elfkins


Bertie's Diary can be found here:

Read my diary.

I'm going to try and keep a diary of all my Adventures with the Family.


Site Links

Myself and other Elves use many sites to swap stories, ideas and mischief, these can be found below. Also a list of the places that “sell” Elves (yes I’m shocked and can’t believe people think they can sell us Elves!)

Magic Elf Holiday Tradition
Disney boards
Money Saving Expert
Magical Holiday Home
My Magic Elf
Elf Name Generator
Track Santa
Naughty Or Nice
Elf Yourself
Video from Santa