Hi, I am Snowflake, one of Santa's magical Elves. I was born in the Elfirmary (Hospital to you non-Elves) on the 29th December 1935, just 2days before my best friend Merry. I am the only daughter of Glitter and Bernard, but I do have 5 brothers.

My Eldest brother Mikey is an Elficer (Policer Officer) and keeps things in order at the North Pole.

I studied really hard at the North Pole high school and went on to study reading, writing and child care at the North Pole college and then I did my diploma in reading and writing at the Elfersity (University). After all of this I started working in the North Pole Library and book shop. I sometimes come across old, tatty books which i send to my friends and family.

Apart from my love of reading and writing I have trained in ALL subjects the North Pole has to offer and in 2007 Santa put me on the visiting Elf scheme. I am a fully qualified visiting Elf, even though I only go out if other Elves get delayed or go sick. I would love to be a full time visiting Elf.